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Together, we can improve mobility for everyone in Central Ohio

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COTA wants to make sure that we are continuously improving the services you use and that we understand what the future of mobility means to you! Join the COTA Voice customer research panel, and we will reach out periodically for your opinions on COTA services and mobility in Central Ohio. Many COTA Voice surveys come with thank you rewards – join now and receive a $5 gift card to Amazon, CVS or Kroger when you complete your first survey! Together we can help shape the future of Central Ohio’s mobility.

A COTA bus that is displaying “22: To Grandview Yard”, stopped on the road. A bike is on the bike rack on the front of the bus.
Three people waiting at a bus shelter. Two are sitting, one is standing. There is a COTA Plus vehicle in the background.
A COTA operator opening the door of a COTA Plus shuttle. The operator has on glasses and a mask.
A COTA C-Max bus stopped at a transit center.
Three people standing and looking at a phone in front of two COTA vehicles in a parking lot. One vehicle is a COTA Plus shuttle, and the other is a bus that is displaying “In This Together”.

What is COTA Voice?

COTA Voice gives you and other COTA customers a say in improving COTA services and designing the future of mobility in Central Ohio. COTA Voice is a voluntary, opt-in, confidential customer research panel for Central Ohio residents who use COTA. Members will be contacted no more than once or twice per month, and many surveys will come with a gift card or entry into a cash drawing to thank you for your time. The panel is administered on behalf of COTA by EMC Research, a market research and analytics firm with offices in Columbus, and a member of the Insights Association.

Privacy Policy

EMC Research administers the COTA Voice customer research panel on behalf of the Central Ohio Transportation Authority (COTA). Customers may opt in to share information for COTA’s research purposes, and may be offered gift cards or entries into drawings to thank you for your time. The results of research administered through this panel will be reported to COTA and other partner organizations. Research responses will remain confidential. Responses will be aggregated and reported as a whole, and no responses will be shared in a way that can link them to a specific person. Your contact information will be used only to invite you to future research or to communicate about rewards or related administrative issues. You may decline to participate in any particular study at any time, and you may opt out of all future participation at any time by emailing


For any questions about signing up for COTA Voice, surveys, survey thank-you rewards, or any related issues, email Aaron at

COTA Information

For information about COTA services, visit or contact COTA Customer Service at (614) 228-1776.

COTAVoice Logo and EMC Research Logo